Top Wearable Fashion Trends of 2019

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Now is a perfect time to take a look at some of the fashion trends that we can expect to see this year. So if you’d like to see which trends I think are the most wearable then just keep reading.
Some fashion trends are much easier to wear than others and so in today’s article I’m sharing my favorite wearable fashion trends for 2019.

Trend#1 Dad sneakers!

Dad sneakers wearable fashion trends

Now the first trend that you can expect to see everywhere this year is the “Dad sneakers” or “Chunky trainers”. Now I’m probably the last person to adopt this trend and it wasn’t a look that I really warm
to very easily. But I actually think it’s very cool, very wearable and also very flattering. Now the key to I think pulling off this trend is pairing your Chunky Dad style sneakers with something that’s feminine.
So it’s that juxtaposition of the state sneaker being quite grunty and masculine,paired with something that’s really floaty and feminine like a beautiful skirt or lovely long dress.This in my mind is the most
flattering way to wear this trend.

Trend#2 Wrap dresses!

Wrap dresses wearable fashion trends

Next up you can expect to see lots and lots of wrap dresses. Now wrap dresses aren’t anything new we’ve loved them and worn them for years and years but in 2019 they will be everywhere. Now the
great thing about a wrap dress is that it skims your body and highlights your curves and it fits you perfectly. Wrap dresses are also great for lifting your bust, defining your waist and giving you that
perfect hourglass shape. So in essence they are figure flattering and they work for everyone. Now if you’d like to give your wrap dress a little modern edge, try teaming it with a t-shirt worn underneath or
even with some wide leg pants underneath or jeans. This just means that you have a dress in your closet that’s more versatile and can be worn trend seasonally as well. So I’m all about getting more wear
out of the items that I buy so a wrap dress is extremely versatile.

Trend#3 Tortoise Sell Jewellery!

Tortoise Sell Jewellery wearable fashion trends

The other trend that will be everywhere this year is “Tortoise shell” jewelry and there’s everything from earrings to bangles, cuffs. And I think that tortoise shell just is modern its elegant and just kind of
adds a chic vibe to whatever you’re wearing. And tortoise shell is also timeless. So despite the fact that there’s a lot of it around at the moment, it is a piece of jewelry that you’ll be able to wear for many
years to come. Which again is really key for me when it comes to investing in any fashion.

Trend#4 Beiges & neutrals!

Beiges & neutrals wearable fashion trends

You can expect to see lots and lots of vibrant colors around this year. But the most flattering of all is the “neutral muted palette” that is also going to be really popular in 2019. So expect to see lots of
beiges, nudes and just a really muted palette. Now the great thing about this palette is that it does work for everyone, it teams well with white and black which most of us have in our wardrobes already.
And it’s just a very forgiving color palette for most people. The trick with wearing such a muted color palette is to mix up your textures so if you are going to wear a beige-tonal-earthy sort of palette
top-to-toe try and just add some different textures in there to mix things up a little bit. And also you can’t be a pop of bright red lipstick with this color palette just to add a little bit of a WOW factor.

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Trend#5 Ruching detail!

Ruching detail wearable fashion trends

There’s also a HUGE trend for ruching detail on pieces this year and carefully positioned ruching has mighty figure enhancing potential. So it’s super flattering to wear. It has the ability to add curves to
slimmer figures, but it also creates stretch and forgiveness for curvier girls and it forgives you in all the right places. So pieces with ruching detail are very forgiving and definitely worth incorporating into
your wardrobe this year.

Trend#6 One cold shoulder!

One cold shoulder wearable fashion trends

This year is also all about the “Cold Shoulder”. So expect to see lots of shirts and sweaters and tops with just one single sleeve and the other shoulder exposed. And this is also really flattering because
you’re showing off a little bit of skin but NOT too much. You can see what I mean but it’s a bit of a modern take on what we’ve seen in previous years.

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Trend#7 Bum bags!

Bum bags wearable fashion trends

Fanny pecks or Bum bags whatever you like to call them are also here to stay. Now I particularly love them because obviously they’re very versatile and they’re practical. But they also have the ability to
give a dress or an outfit a little bit of shape. If you wear them around your waist or slung low on your hips, they do work. Just create a little bit of a more feminine silhouette. Also you can wear them
slung across your body for again another practical accessory but also just to add some interest and to give an outfit some shape. So if you haven’t jumped on the bum bag or fanny pack wagon, NOW is
the time to do it. They are here and here to stay.

Trend#8 Sustainable fashion!

Sustainable fashion wearable fashion trends

The trend for sustainable fashion is continuing to grow at a rate of knots which i think is a fantastic thing. So expect to see more and more sustainable fashion labels popping up and ethically produced
clothing. So I think I couldn’t write a article like this without including the fact that we can expect to see more and more sustainable fashion labels and have more sustainable eco-friendly options
available to us this year.

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Trend#9 Rusty reds and muted terracotta!

Rusty reds and muted terracotta wearable fashion trends

Now if the “Beige-muted neutral-color” palette isn’t really your style and you can’t see yourself going crazy for all the vibrant neon colors that are out there. Then another option for you is the “muted-
earthy terracotta-red colors” which you can expect to see everywhere as well. Now these just add a little bit more something to your outfit. They’re also really flattering and they’re just not as crazy as some of the vibrant colors that you can expect to see this season. So keep an eye out for those “Warm rusty reds” and “muted terra cotta tones” that just warm up your complexion and are also really flattering. And they’re kind of a nice middle ground if you’re looking for a new color palette to enjoy this year.

That’s it for today thanks so much for reading and I’d love to hear from you guys, are there any fashion trends that you will most definitely be wearing this year. Please tell me it’ll be cool to have a chat in the comments below. If you enjoyed this article I’d love you to give it a share don’t forget to bookmark to Fashionlly.

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