How to Use Pinterest Effectively for Styling

How to Use Pinterest Effectively for Styling

How to Use Pinterest Effectively for Styling

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An often repeated suggestion to advice-seekers is to use blogs, or worse, Pinterest to find inspiration as they struggle to find their style. Unfortunately, it’s not always to find your style using these resources because they’re so vast. Pinterest is really great though and I highly encourage using it to find inspiration, and to lead you to a personal style nirvana. Thus, the point of this guide. I’ll show how to take your Pinterest fashion feed from this jumbled wreck of overstyled boots and ill-fitting maxi dresses to a curated board that lends inspiration at all times.

However, I will warn you that this is not easy and will take time. Don’t expect your board to be perfection in 5 minutes, or even 5 hours. This took several weeks of always searching, pinning, exploring, refreshing, etc. It’s a worthwhile investment in my opinion and I hope you all have while you do this.

I’m dividing this into two parts: How to Use Pinterest to Curate a Personal Style and How to Use Pinterest for Styling Help. Let’s start with the latter because it’s a bit easier.


  1. How to Use Pinterest for Styling Help

I have a pair of red shorts that I adore, but the colour isn’t always easy to style. Let’s see how Pinterest can help:

  1. Type in keywords into the search bar. Pinterest will pull anything that has those keywords in the text field, which is why we’re going further than just the search function. Users don’t always label their pins with useful terms.
  2. Click on a pin that catches your attention. For example, I like the obnoxious color combination here. You’ll see your pin, and on the right-hand side what else is pinned by that person where that pin came from. If you scroll further down, you’ll see two more useful sections: “Also on these boards” and “Related pins”. In this part, I’ll talk more the related pins.
  3. Here you’ll see more pins that relate to your search in some way. I may find more orange color styling inspiration. Or there may be pins related to shorts in general. Or pins that feature the color red.

You can use any number of search criteria, including: “casual pencil skirt”, “New Balance 420”, “cropped pants”, “mint skirt”, “blazer”, and so on. Hopefully at this point, you’ll have plenty of ideas on how to style a piece. Let’s move on and talk about how to find general style inspiration using Pinterest.


2. How to Use Pinterest to Curate a Personal Style

We now know how to search Pinterest and use it as a valuable resource. Let’s use the above guidelines as our starting point.

  1. To get started, you’ll need a jumping off point. So, try to think of one of the following that inspires you, or that you’d like to include in your ideal wardrobe: a celebrity/style icon/what-have-youa piece of clothing (try to be specific)a style terma store with a defined aesthetic (ex.: Modcloth, Anthropologie, Totokaelo), a color scheme, and so on.
  2. I’m using the search for a full skirt cause I’ve been loving them this summer. I’m going to just scroll though the search results until I find something that appeals to me. I can’t give you any advice on this because it’s something that comes with experience, and it becomes intuitive at some point. I really love the drama of this look so I’ll use this image to start my more in-depth search.
  3. I’m going to keep searching in the related pins and related boards to see if there’s something else that appeals to me. My goal is to find a board that’s well executed. The first few pins on this board appealed to me so search this board.
  4. From that board, I found another image that I liked. In the related pins, I found this board that has a lot of really great pins. I always try to find users who have a lot of pins (2000+), which may indicate an active user.


I keep using the above steps to find more and more boards that appeal to my tastes. Most of these boards may never appear on the general “Women’s Fashion” page so it’s worthwhile to search for me.


Here are a couple of my favorite Pinterest boards:

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