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Welcome back to Fashionlly. For those of you don’t know I’m a fashion stylist and for those of you do welcome back. I’m so excited to see you honestly. I tell you guys every week but I am so appreciative of you guys because without you I would literally not be here because every day your emails just bring me up and give me energy and can be excited to share stuff with you. So I am because you are and I really appreciate you and I sincerely thank you.

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Easily, a few times a week I get an email about how to get into the fashion industry or how to become a stylist. I know that there’s a lot of you out there who want to know(many of you). Some of you don’t know actually what a Stylist is. There’s some of you who really want to know like how do you get into the industry. I have actually been styling literally my whole life and my sister can attest to this. I used to dress and redress her. Annie and my girlfriends. You can ask them . In high school they would come over, we would be going out, I would redo their whole look from my wardrobe. So I’ve always been doing it.

However my entry into the actual legitimate world of styling I started as a model a very long time ago by the way and I realized that it wasn’t really my thing. But I did love staying behind and styling the other models behind the camera. I thought that was amazing and fun and creative. Anytime I was booked on a photo shoot and I would see the set up, I would always want to be like I had this desire to like we do it or we style the shoot. And so that was sort of my trigger point into the industry.

However I carry down this into life. I went to university, got a couple degrees, had a family and then I just had one of those aha moments. And it was actually in London and I had a moment. I decided yep this is what I want to do I feel passionately about. I feel pulled to do it and I really want to get back into the scene. Everyone told me you can’t do it, you have a family, this can’t be done. And you know what, I just felt the passion in my heart and I felt like it was a place that I wanted to be. So I went for it. And so, here’s my advice to you:

Top 10 things you can do if you want to be a stylist

1. Find that Role Model

So my number one piece of advice is find that role model. And then emulate what they’ve done, what they’re doing and then also don’t be afraid reach out. There are people that reach out to me every day and you know what I respond. I respond to the questions people ask me if they can intern, I respond to that. I had a really big shoot and I had a girl reach out and say she’d love to intern, I took her on. You know what, she was fantastic and we have an amazing relationship. So that is the first thing I tell you. Find your hero, do what they’re doing and reach out to them. Because those people that reach out, it’s all about actions. It’s just you are steps away from doing what you want to do by taking action.So send the text, send the email, make the call. That’s my first suggestion.


2. Retail

If you want to join the fashion world, a simple step is working in retail. It gives you a great chance to work one-on-one with clothing, with brands, with other people that have a like mindset. So working at a clothing store is actually still a really great way to get into the industry. It doesn’t matter where. Just find something that you’re drawn towards and make it your style. So if you’re a sporty person, maybe you don’t want to go to like a really dressy store. Just be who you are and go in that direction.

3. Search Online

Maybe you’ve reached out to that person. That’s not really you, maybe that’s not something you’re totally comfortable with yet. Maybe you want to get a little more experience. Google online and see if there’s a school for what you want to do. You want to be a stylist. So Google “how to be a stylist” or “stylist schools”.

“Hi! you guys were fantastic. I actually was styling at the time when I went to the school. I just wanted to go to here, just to learn. To learn about something that maybe I wasn’t doing, something I could do better, something that would help me in my business.”

And you know what, it was really useful. They were great and that’s what they do. Those people that are teaching at those schools they have been stylists usually and they’re going to give you the training that you would get otherwise maybe interning underneath one. So look up a school. That’s my second suggestion.

4. Search in your area

The other thing you could do is google “stylist” in your area. Now I’m talking specifically about stylist. But if you want to be a fashion photographer, if you want to go into fashion PR, just google the agencies that are in your area. Google “fashion stylist” “LA fashion stylist”, Houston, wherever it is that you live. And there will be a bunch that come up and then just look through them and see what feels the most natural for you. There’s going to be someone that you gravitate towards. Just reach out to that showroom, that PR room, that camera man and ask if you can enter in with them. You’re going to find lots of information on the internet.

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5. Showrooms

Another great way to get into the fashion industry is showroom. There’s a lot of showrooms are there. They carry a bunch of products for a bunch of brands they represent. And if you want to be a stylist or be in the fashion industry, working in a showroom is a great way to meet tons of connections. Because a lot of the industry is all about connections. It’s all about who you know, it’s all about building those relationships and meeting people. And so that is a great way because stylists are constantly coming in there.

6. Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to meet people in the industry. Meet anyone with a like mindset. So there’s always Fashion Week’s that are coming up. Doesn’t matter if you live in a major center, there will be online websites for volunteers that want to get involved. So get out there, apply online and volunteer somewhere because you were going to meet all of the contacts you need to know in that location. And it becomes about personality if someone connects with you. And doesn’t matter what they do, a Stylist, Designer, a Hair Stylist or makeup artist. If they love you they will connect you to their connections. So get out there and volunteer to meet people.

7. Be in the now

Don’t let your ego run your life. It’s not about what you didn’t do in the past, which you haven’t done, which you haven’t accomplished, what you wish you could do. It’s about being in the now. Where are you right now, what do you want to do with your life right now. Do you want to work in fashion? Then you go with that, you make the call, you volunteer. If you do some of things I’ve told you, stop preseverating and letting your ego run your life. Just focus and move forward.

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8. Follow your intuition

You know those moments in silence maybe when you’re in the shower or maybe when you’re driving in the car and that little voice pops up and it says something to you “That’s your intuition”. And it’s speaking to you because it is trying to tell something. That is your inner you so you want to follow that voice and follow that passion because the intuition of you, it’s your inside voice. It’s your passion is telling you what to do so stop what you’re doing (maybe not if you’re like in the middle of the road) but stop what you’re doing. Once you get to where you’re going and you want take that moment to acknowledge that your intuition just told you something and follow it.

9. Action

I know I mentioned it before but action in any direction. Make the phone call, make the text, google as “fashion stores” in your area, the PR companies, the photographer’s, just take action in whatever direction is you want to go. Nothing is going to happen without you making a move.

10. Check your intentions

And that’s something that is very important that I learned in the very beginning. Why do you want to do this. What are the reasons that you want to do this. Do you have something to give back to the world or do you want to do this because you want to be famous or you see people doing on TV or you think it looks cool or you want to get back at your ex boyfriend/girlfriend by doing something really awesome. Well you want to check those intentions because success in the industry (I will tell you right now) comes from authenticity. It comes from passion. It comes from a desire to help others.

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I’m a fashion stylist, on the surface it seems very superficial what I do but actually my deeper passion and has always been it’s been helping people. Because I personally believe that when you look good, you feel good. And then that energy just radiates to other people and so my goal in doing what I’ve done has always been to just lift up everyone’s vibrations around me and I often get asked why I think that I’m successful in the industry. I believe that I love what I do and I love people and I want to be here and I want to see everyone succeed. And I think that that energy is infectious and so my advice to you is really take a hard look at yourself, check your intentions and ask yourself why do you want to be part of the industry and what do you have to offer.

Those are the 10 things you can do if you want to be a Fashion Stylist.

So I hope that you guys enjoyed this article. I know I’m talking about being a stylist and I’m kind of heading it a little bit more in that direction but you can take any of the tips that I’ve applied to wanting to be a stylist. And how to get into the industry really into anything that you want to do in your life. I mean these things are all applicable. The most important thing I think is that you have the right intentions and you have the passion. And beyond that and you take action, beyond that the world is your oyster and these things are going to come to you. You just go out there and you go after them with your heart with true intentions with a desire to give back. And trust me you will achieve your goals. If you liked this article, drop a comment below. And if you like what you’re reading, remember to bookmark this website for more content like this.

Thank you guys so much for tuning in. I’ll see you next time. Let me know if these were helpful for you.

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