how to become a fashion blogger

how to become a fashion blogger

How to become a Fashion Blogger

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Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. My name is Mavek and I’m a fashion blogger. The topic that I wanted to talk to you guys about today is “How to become a Fashion Blogger”. So this is not for bloggers who are doing it already. I guess it’s for people who wants to stop blogging and I started blogging about 2 years ago as a hobby.

2 years ago it was just a thing that I wanted to do. I was working all day and five days a week. And I would come home and get online I’ll buy like a bunch of stuff and I would wear it on the weekend just like most other people. But I really really love shopping, I love fashion, I love shoes. I have quite a big collection and shoes like probably might one of my favorite things that I love. I would pick shoes over an outfit actually.

So I’m anyhow back to blogging. I just wanted to give you guys some tips on how I started blogging all the things I’ve learned and maybe I hope that you guys will find this quite useful and hopefully you will start blogging. Okay.

be creative and become afashion blogger


The most important one is just to start. I think you know when I first have it and I didn’t have a nice camera I just used my iPhone and I shot everything on my iPhone ethically. Now I don’t shoot on my iPhone anymore. I use my Nikon D750 most of the time and otherwise if I’m using a photographer then they normally use a Canon. You know everybody’s at the cabin except for me for some reason. But  anyways I love my camera. But we’ll talk about that in a minute.

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For now I think you guys just have to start. It’s not a new account, create an account, create a name. You can name that you love. Make sure it’s available on Instagram, Twitter and also your domain name. That’s really important because you don’t want to create a name and then realize it’s taken. So there’s no point in doing that. So pick a  name that you love, start with that and just start everything else. It’s a learning process, isn’t it. So I had no idea how to edit my photo it’s all kind of stuff but there’s so many tutorials that you can just  watch on YouTube, ask your friends, ask other bloggers you know. Get in touch with bloggers and see what they do, read their blogs and see. Normally a lot of people will talk about how to do this.

dont do it for money and becoming a fashion blogger

My advice for you guys is don’t do this for the money. Okay guys. I’m trying not to do this for the money. Do it because you really love it. I think blogging is so hard, I’ve been so competitive. I just don’t  want you guys to be disappointed you know. Always have a backup job that you can go back to. I will always have my job but I can always go back to if all dispell. You know “I need to pay for my  mortgage”, “I need to pay for my life” all that kind of stuff. Don’t put all your eggs into one basket that’s what I’m trying to say. Do it because you love it.


If you see tons of fashion bloggers that are posting about a trend that you particularly don’t like then don’t post about it. Don’t feel like you have to post something that you don’t like because remaining  true to yourself is why your followers or your viewers are viewing your blog. They want inspiration because they like your style and they like the way you’re dressing and they like what you choose.

So I  think a lot of bloggers kind of fail or kind of go down and viewers or ratings or whatever. It is because they just start posting crazy things. If you’re in person would you be telling somebody about this or  would you not be telling something about this. Because if you wouldn’t tell an in person person about this experience or this outfit or something else whatever you’re posting about, then don’t post it. Because you wouldn’t do in real life.

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I’m going to talk about the equipment you want to use what you have. Don’t go out and spend like thousands dollars on an amazing camera that you don’t really know how to use. If you do and you have  an interest in photography AMAZING. And if you want to go save five thousand dollars of all for that if you want to. If you’re gonna use it and you’re gonna create like some amazing stuff from it, It’s an  investment right. But for people who are just starting out I’m not really sure blogging’s for them. Then I think your iPhone is gonna be your best friend I think.

I shot most of my stuff with my iPhone when I  first started and I got really good engagement back then. I mean now I shoot everything on a DSLR only because I love the quality of it but if you want to go straight ahead and invest in a great camera then go for it. I’m just saying my point is you don’t need an expensive camera.

I just started using my DSLR because I can brighten the sky and make it look like it’s not so cold. Make it look like it’s bright  and sunny when it’s not. So that’s why I decided to just shoot on my Nikon d750. The best camera is to what you have on you. You know you can just buy a cheaper camera first and then eventually, once  you start making more money you can upgrade or like kind of stuff. But I wouldn’t recommend you just go out there and spend like $5,000 on a camera. If you have the money and you want to, Amazing.


How do I saw some product and how do I write. So at the beginning, for anyone starting out as a blogger I think the main thing you need is to be really creative. You’re not gonna have unlimited amount  of clothes. PR is probably not gonna want to know you that much because you don’t have a following. They might, but I think everything has to be done. You need to be creative, you need to be able to  style like ten outfits from like five items that you have. Be creative.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on clothes, you just need to make it look really stylish and just stop really nice, really creative.  But once you get a bit of a following there’s so many ways that you can like source your outfits and source your items that you want to shoot. You can connect with the PR companies and just be like “Hey  I really love your stuff. We’d love to shoot your stuff. Can I learn some things.”. You know if they want to gift it to you AMAZING, Isn’t it.

Be really nice and create really beautiful content for them and  eventually they’ll be like “yeah okay”. Just go shoot. “It’s really nice stuff I want to keep to some things” so that’s another really-really good tip. My tip is treated as business but don’t act as if it’s business  activities. So initially, when I first started it’s like, your best time to create the best content that you can. You’re no one’s gonna tell you what to do. No one’s gonna dictate anything. So it’s your job to  bring out the most amazing content possibly could. And then after you started making money, working with brands on account stuff. Then you have to be smart about as if you need to charge them a  certain amount of fees for everything that you do.

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“Shoot in a nice location.” This is super difficult right now because I’ve been in New York for almost a year and it’s like such a pretty city you know. I absolutely love NY. It’s like Disneyland right. So I go  down the road, it’s stunning. I go down to the flower shop it’s beautiful. When I’m back home and live maybe about 30 minutes from the city. So it’s not quite like it’s quite suburbia where I live so I can  shoot here. I need to be quite particular about where I shoot but I do love to scouting locations. Finding beautiful backdrop for my photos. So I think go and explore your friend’s or your boyfriend.  Whatever get some nice backdrop to shoot your outfit.

importance of networking in becoming a fashion blogger

This is a good one. Network with other bloggers. When I first started I had like zero blogger friend. ZERO. I only had like my regular friends that I chat to all that kind of stuff. But it’s so nice to have a  cooper friend that knows exactly what you’re going through. They can give you advice, you can give them advice and you grow together as a group. They will always be there to support you and you will  always be there to support them, you know. I’m all about having really good and supportive friends. Fashion can be quite you know cutthroat should I say but if you have really close friends that are  gonna be like back you up all the way, every single day then I think you’re okay, you’re gonna be fine.

I think you just need to find someone that you can chat to but I think as long as you network with  other bloggers then it’s really nice. So people that I follow four years ago I still follow them. Now I know exactly what’s going on with their life only because I am interested in their life, like be genuinely  interested. I wanna like commenting on people’s account, I like seeing what they get up to, I love watching their stories and all so I want to support my friends if that during a collaboration with a brand  I’m gonna go and comment and you know say that it looks amazing all this kind of stuff. WHY? Because when it’s your turn you want your friends to be there as well you do it because you love them.

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So my tip number eight would be “Reach out to people and Add value to people”. I probably get like seven ATMs you know if you won’t want to like shoot many people want to assess photography they  want to shoot me and happy who wants to collaborate all this kind of stuff all the time. I try to get back to all of them as I can, as much as I can. But I think when I first started out if I wanted to  collaborate with someone then I would try to bring- I have stress enough you need to bring people value. So you know I want to work for a brand and I will just go to them “Hey look, I can create this  and this and this and shots for you and I would love to blog about it and all the kind of stuff.

I’m bringing value to that, right. So I work with them and then once you build a relationship, later on they  will end up paying you anyway. So I think it’s really important that you want to reach out not just to take things from them, but reach out and offer them something that you can help them with. I hope  that makes sense. You know a lot of people are like hey can you give me a shout out, I’m like “No, I’m not gonna get your shoutout”. When I first started I didn’t ask me out first shot up. I just did it on my  own. HOW? By being friendly, by being authentic, by liking their photos, by supporting them you know for a long time and then eventually people will talk about you.


If you’re blogging, you need to push out that blog post once a week or twice a week. When I first started on Instagram, I posted like two posts every single day. Before I started editing on Lightroom I  used to edit on my phone so much much quicker so can push out more content. But now it’s almost impossible for me to push out that much content. I try to do one or two a day if I’m really busy during  Fashion Week then I will push them to out maybe two or three. But the key is “BE CONSISTENT” because your readers want to see what you get up to.

assistance in becoming afashion blogger

This is my last and probably the most important. It is the assistant you need to be able to take rejections, you need things to motivate you and you can’t give up. If you really love something,you’re gonna  push aside. I think for me at the end of the day I love what I do. So I’m always going to come back to it. It makes me happy. Even if I don’t get paid for it then I’ll probably still be doing this regardless. So  make sure you stick to it. It’s going to be some or a lot of downs and a lot of ups but you take the boat and just push on. Don’t give up you just have to keep trying, right.

You just have to start guys. I can’t wait to see what you guys get up to.

So, these were my top ten tips of how to become a fashion blogger. I will try to write another article for all bloggers who are kind of established already and who wants to grow and do better. I hope you guys found out it helpful. Thank you so much for reading. If you guys like my article please do follow me on Instagram and also bookmark this site.

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