pronunciation guide on fashion brands

pronunciation guide on fashion brands

The Complete Pronunciation Guide on Fashion Brands

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Looking over the internet I haven’t been able to find many good pronunciation guides. I thought it would do people a service if they knew how to say the names of the brands and products that they grow to care so much about. Below I’ve compiled videos and audio files for the pronunciations of various brands and products.

As the title indicates, the list isn’t entirely comprehensive. There are many male brands, and many missing female brands. I gave up on finding some pronunciations, and I’m sure there are better examples out there for others. Feel free to give me feedback, and I’d be happy to enhance the list. If there’s great demand, I might include some IPA pronunciation illustrations, but for many of the names this would be quite unexact so for now I’ve left it out.

Note: The original pronunciation isn’t always the best pronunciation for your area or dialect. Let’s be honest–forcing a fake French accent will do little more than make you look pedantic (or worse, try-hard). This is just a foundation. Feel free to pronounce your ‘N’s and don’t worry about oral acrobatics. Literally every single person I’ve ever heard pronounce Maison Martin Margiela pronounces it differently. The point here is just knowing the generally appropriate emphasis, and making sure you’re not saying Low-bootin or something embarrassing.

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