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Facts you don’t know about Fashion industry

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Today we’re looking at 5 facts you didn’t know about the fashion industry.

1. 3D printing technology is the future in fashion

Technology has helped a lot of industries develop and improve their productivity. From machines that self embroider clothing to ironing or securing buttons. It saved a lot of time in manual work. Nowadays 3D printing and digital printing is rising to the rescue as fashion quickly evolves. These machines can use plastic and other materials to shape almost everything you tell it to. Creating new fields for the fashion industry and allowing them to add up cutting-edge technology to traditional techniques.

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2. Cryptocurrency and blockchain will change the fashion industry

Cyptocurrency and blockchain technologies are just starting to gain awareness among people. Besides the scams and fear of governments they might be the future of many industries since they offer transparency and decentralization. Here’s how it applies in this case. Blockchain technology can be used to track every move and step of the fashion industry process. From production to distribution, tags from items could be scanned to pull up a full history of the supply chain behind each item including names and profile photos of the specific products whose coats were sheared to make each individual clothing item. CSI style tracking. This could help in abolishing modern-day slavery and find flaws in the system that are difficult to discover at this time.

3. The most expensive wedding dress cost 12 million dollars

The wedding dress is probably one of the most important ones in a woman’s life. It’s supposed to make you feel like a princess on the most important day of your life. Going to a bridal salon however can be a massive failure if you don’t budget first. Designers erase themselves to make outstanding designs with unique details that will catch the and set world records. The most expensive wedding dress in the world costs twelve million dollars and has real diamonds on it. It’s made by RENE STRAUSS, a designer based in beverly hills that dresses celebrities like Sharon Stone. Unfortunately the expensive dress serves a single purpose. to promote her bridal salon and her designs. Sorry girls you won’t be able to purchase this dress for your big day.

4. Bernard Arnault is the richest man in fashion with a net worth of 84.6 billion dollars

As we mentioned before the fashion industry is making big money from Fast-Fashion. Expensive clothes and luxury items. A lot of brands are under the big umbrella of others and there’s one man that’s ruling the race by the name of Bernard Arnault. He is the CEO of the luxury CONGLOMERATE LVMH. He is not a designer nor a brand, but a business men who made 70 billion dollars from big brands like DR, Lui Viton, Marc Jacobs, saline or givenchi gathering all of them under the same roof. The French businessman is also into art and is currently the wealthiest man in France holding the 4th place on billionaires list of Forbes. Next time you buy from these exclusive brands remember you’re making a 70 year-old man very happy.

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5. The world’s largest fashion retailer Zara doesn’t advertise

We’re sure you most likely haven’t noticed this but even if Zara is all over the place the store doesn’t do advertising. Word-of-mouth seems to be enough for this brand with people constantly buying their clothes and bragging about it. One thing that’s actually missing from the store strategy is the advertising. They have all the social media accounts online shops and some banners, but other than that nothing. The strategy of almost zero marketing works for them surprisingly well and their bank accounts are happy too. They have over 22,000 stores all over the world and offer people affordable styles they seek because let’s face it everybody wants to make a good impression and not spend a dime. Let’s hope Zara never dies.

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