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Dirty secrets fashion industry has

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Before going on your next shopping spree how about you take a look at this article to learn more about the dirty secrets the fashion industry has.

1. Jeans are made with too much water.

Jeans and denim will never go out of style they are so versatile and wearable that some might even say they are indispensable. From the runways to fast fashion denim has become highly requested and some people have more pairs than they’ll ever need. What most people don’t know is the manufacturing process of denim and jeans uses a lot of water approximately 7,000 litres of fresh water are needed to make just one pair of jeans. That’s the total amount of water one person drinks in five or six years. Imagine how much water factories are wasting just on new jeans and we throw them away after one year or so. We all should be recycling old clothing and protecting our earth even more from unnecessary waste of fashion.

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2. The fashion industry pollutes the earth at a very large scale

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries on the planet. Almost 20% of the water pollution globally is caused by textile processing, which requires a lot of washing and artificial dyes. Making it the second biggest polluter of fresh water on the planet. Our rivers and Natural Resources are being compromised for the sake of a ten dollar t-shirt and ripped jeans we throw away after a single season. Most of the clothes we see in stores are manufactured in developing countries from Asia and Africa. Where safety measures are not met and the quality of the fibers they use is poor. This is how they manage to keep prices low but it’s all at the cost of our planet’s life and our health. We just don’t see it yet.

3. A few models died from starving themselves into 90-60-90 measurements

It might seem like a dream to be a model walk the runway and wear pretty clothes every day. We see them everywhere in magazines and on the internet. What people don’t see is the extreme dieting workouts and long working hours they endure in order to be chosen to have these jobs. A few models have collapsed on the runway and even died from malnutrition ,dehydration and exhaustion during months of constant working. This is the dark face of modeling in the fashion industry. Unfortunately big fashion brands still pick a feature and extremely skinny girls making body shaming a real problem of our century.

4. Respecting human rights is one of the fashion industry’s problems

A lot of people don’t know the clothes they buy from most retailers are in fact made in developing countries under poor conditions and sometimes even by children. They are paid with a few dollars per day and endure toxic environments, just so we can buy another t-shirt from H&M every week. The cost of making one t-shirt can be around $5 and it ends up getting on the shelves for 20 to 30 dollars. There have been some serious scandals regarding modern slavery with the Internet’s group( INTADEX GROUP). As their clothes were sewn with cries for help due to unpaid work for their makers and countries like Bangladesh or India. The truth is that we buy cheap clothes with too much added value that actually hurt other people. And but true.

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5. Racial inclusion is still low on the runways and editorials

One thing the fashion industry lacks is diversity. If you take a look at most covers of magazines, on the runways and in ads you’ll see that 90% of the models are white Caucasian males and females. No dark colored people no Asians. Since the clothes are meant to fit and be bought by everyone, they should try to portray them in the same manner. The same goes for runway shows. Not only white Caucasian women are beautiful and able to do the job, there are billions of women willing to do the work. But they have different eye or skin color or shapes. A lot of movements are ongoing regarding inclusion in the massive industry as well as in the beauty and movie industries. Let’s just hope we see some different faces and body types soon enough.

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