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Choosing the best watch for your style

Today we’re going to be discussing how to choose the right watch for you. Now you guys have seen it there’s a plethora of watch styles and brands out there and so many to think about. It’s hard to choose sometimes, so in this article I want to narrow the search down for you and talk about four areas you want to look into when choosing your next watch. These are areas that you probably will need to combine all four together to finally zero in to that watch but I believe these four are going to make your search a lot easier.



So first, its MOVEMENT. This is probably the most important part of the watch because this is what powers the watch. And you basically got three types of movement you have quartz you have mechanical and you have automatic. Now most of the times (not always) but most of the times a mechanical and automatic watch is more expensive. Also not only is it more expensive, initially it’s more expensive to maintain. You have to keep up with maintenance to make sure the watch doesn’t get ruined. If it does, get ruined having to fix it.

Sometimes it can be pricey depending on the model you have. That’s why these two type of movements I usually recommend if you have a comfortable wage. And then on the other hand you have quartz. Now quartz in my opinion is a better watch, especially if you’re a younger guy or a guy in a budget. Because this literally has little to no maintenance whatsoever so not only it is cheaper to maintain it’s also cheaper initially. So most quartz watches are actually pretty affordable and they still look great.



The next area you want to look into is “case diameter” or “case size”. So this is actually very important. Most watches today range anywhere from like 36 millimeters up to like 46. On the really high end and choosing the right watch for you really all depends on your size how big are you. So if you have wimpy wrist, then you want to probably say under 40 millimeters. So to give an example all my watches are anywhere from 38 millimeters to 40 millimeters on the high end.

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So in this area, it’s all about proportions and the type of body that you have. Next is color combination and I’m saying that but it’s really MATERIAL. So what you’re looking at is the case and face combination there’s several combinations and it’ll be almost impossible for me to go over them. But let’s just talk about the three main ones. You have “All black” (Black face-Black casing), then you have “Gold and forego” (White face) and then you have “Silver with a white face” as well. Those are usually the three main options that you have. So when you’re choosing color combinations this really boils down to personal preference.

For example, ALL BLACK. I love all black. I think it looks really cool in the benefit of all black is that you don’t have to worry about matching your your metals even if you’re wearing a belt with a gold buckle or a belt with the silver buckle. In both instances you can wear a black model. That’s why I usually like this model, it’s very versatile. On the other hand you have something more traditional like the gold or the silver model. Now I love these two because like I said there are traditional the only little nuance with these is that you need a match or metal. So if you’re trying to choose what type of color it is that you’re trying to buy just look at your closet what type of metal do you use often and pick that color.



And then the final thing you want to look into is band material. So for you to choose the right band material, it boils down to your lifestyle. So let’s give you some example, if you’re the nine-to-five type of guy then you’re probably going to want something either like a leather which is very classic or something like a metal link kit. That can be very elegant like an Omega Seamaster or something like that. On the other hand if you’re more into the street wear and you like outside-the-box type of style and more casual wear, then try something like a suede band. That’s something a little bit different, not something a lot of people use. You could try something like a metal mesh link watch, it’s something that’s actually coming into style a lot of watches do have today. And it’s a little bit different.

So if you keep into account these four areas within a watch, it will help you narrow down the field a little bit better. So that way you can be like okay I want an all-black model that is quartz, I want it with suede and I want it anywhere between 38 to 40 millimeters. Now that you have the parameters said it’ll help you narrow your vision a little bit and weed out the watches you know you don’t want and pick out the watch. It’s going to make you and fit your lifestyle best.

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