An introduction to fragrances and perfumes

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The goal of this article is to get you excited about fragrance(perfume), not to give you everything. Honestly, this is something that you can dive deep into.

Do you know that smell and fragrance is the number one indicator that women use when selecting a mate. Fragrance can also have an effect on job performance, it can make you come off as more trustworthy. Really, it has a very strong primal reaction to people. It also is immediate, so fragrance is one of those things that in a split second, people can smell it and they instantly like it.

And, again, they’ve engineered a lot of the fragrances. So most of them especially if it works with your natural fragrance, most people are going to like it, assuming that you don’t violate the number one rule of fragrance. The number one rule is do not douse yourself, do not overuse it. Less is more when it comes to fragrance. I recommend any time a man starting out to use fragrance and 80% of us don’t use it on a regular basis. That you start off with one spray in the chest area, that way you can cover it up with your clothing and it’s just to barely. The quote goes that “Fragrance should be discovered it shouldn’t be announced”. So, follow that quote and make sure whatever you take from this video that you don’t overdo it.

So, there’s a number of reasons and number of barriers that are keeping a lot of men out of fragrance. And, I think the number one is we don’t want to look like a fool, we don’t want to smell bad. And hat’s something that a lot of us just simply there’s a steep learning curve when it comes to fragrance. If you look out there, you’ll look at notes you’ll hear a word terminologies such as, you know, what is the difference between Cologne or Toilette or Perfume, Fragrance. I mean you hear all of this stuff in trying to make sense of it. Perhaps you didn’t learn it from your father, you didn’t have any friends that introduced you to fragrance, so there is a steep learning curve.

When it comes to fragrance there’s also a lot of misinformation. So many people out there they think that fragrance somehow isn’t for men that to appear, to use fragrance, you’re actually trying to cover something up. And, guys, I can tell you that the goal of fragrance is to enhance your natural smell. Does that make sense?

1. Fragrance Concentration Guide

So, let’s go ahead and let’s get into some of the terminologies. So, the word, “Fragrance”, what does that mean? That is the general catchall term and fragrance simply is what we have is a concentrated perfume oil that’s dissolved in a solvent usually alcohol and you’re going to see three main types. If you hear cologne or EDC Eau de cologne, basically we’re talking a 5% solution.

Then, up there we’re going to see toilette or EDT “Eau de Toilette”, basically what we’re seeing is a 10%. Now, these percentages can adjust. You’re going to see Toilettes out there that are 11%, 12%, 13%, 14%, but in general, it’s going to be 10%. Then, we see EDP which is “Eau de Perfume” and, this is going to be anywhere from 15% to 30%. This percentage and the concentration is going to have a big factor on how long the fragrance is going to last. It’s also going to affect the cost. Usually, the higher concentration the higher cost we’re going to see.

2. Fragrance Life Cycle Pyramid

So, let’s go ahead and now, let’s get into the perfume life cycle. The keyword here and you probably heard it before are notes. You’ve got top notes, middle notes, and base notes. I’m going to start off with the top notes. So, initially top notes are a light. It’s a very light fragrance and it’s going to hit you the first 15 to a 120 minutes of the fragrance being applied to the skin on your body. But, after the top note after that’s worn off, we go into the middle notes and that’s going to be anywhere from 30 minutes and it can last up to five hours.

So, what we’re going to see here in the middle or the heart notes are (this is going to be a bit heavier), we’re going to see florals, we’re going to see greens, we’re going to see fruity, we’re going to see spicy fragrances. And, there are thousands of different fragrances out there.

3. Perfume Wheel

At the bottom of the pyramid is the base note. And this is what everything is build off of depending on what base note they choose. It depends on how long the fragrance is going to last. But these are going to be oftentimes the boldest notes and they’re going to come from the Woody and the Balsam family. With these, you’re going to see oftentimes lengths of 2 HOURS, in some cases almost 24 hours. Twenty four hours is extreme, usually at the most we’re going to see probably about 6 to 8 hours on average. Again, depends on the concentration and the type of perfume it is. So, that’s the perfume lifestyle.

4. How To Wear Fragrance

Now, let’s get on to how to apply. This is something a lot of guys are embarrassed to ask and they’re curious. Now, but the general rule of thumb is the warmer the area of the body, that’s where you’re going to want to apply. The exception to that rule is, I say you shouldn’t probably be applying it to your crotch area. That’s not normally where we’re going to be going around and smelling each other. But it is something I think the chest is a great place to start, then we can go to the neck, the lower jaw, your shoulders are an option, but many guys ahead of that are going to put it on the wrist and they’re going to put it on the inner elbow. Those are all great locations.

Now, you don’t want to hit them all. You want to initially choose one, that’s why I like to choose the chest, you can move up and get the neck, that’s going to basically project stronger. For men that like to apply perhaps two squirts, they’re going to apply one to each wrist or one if you want to keep it a bit more damp, then you’re going to keep it on the inner elbow. Does that make sense?

Again, there are couple of rules though and these are things I see guys doing. Don’t apply it to your wrist and think you can rub it around. It’s called killing the note and you don’t want to do that. Another thing you’ll see some men do is they’ll spray and they think they can walk through it. Don’t do that, all of the fragrance almost always falls to the floor and it’s a complete waste. In addition, don’t spray on your clothing. The key with fragrance and one of the barriers that a lot of men, you know, get scared with fragrance is every fragrance reacts differently to every single body chemistry. So, you need to apply directly onto your skin again.This is how you’re going to choose the right fragrance for you. So, that’s going to be the next part I’m going to get into.


Don’t let other people choose it for you. Don’t let women choose it for you. The biggest mistake men make is they just accept the fragrance as a gift. And what happens is that they get something that they wear to thank the person and they never wear it again because they don’t like it. A man can naturally select the fragrance which
will enhance his natural smell.


Use others’ opinions to basically reinforce your own decision. And, take it with a grain of salt, some people aren’t maybe going to like the fragrance, but pay attention to how many people notice, what people say about it. If a lot of people are repulsed by the fragrance, you may actually want to rethink your strategy there.


Try and don’t do what’s called a blind buy. Don’t just buy and hope, you know, based
off reviews because, again, you want to try it. You can try up to four fragrances at a time. The way to do that is to go into a department store and actually know what you’re doing. Don’t let them pressure you into a sale initially. You want to apply one on each wrist, one of each inner elbow, use coffee to kind of reset your palate and smell them at various points; the one-minute, five-minute, thirty-minute, two-hour marks.

You get the picture.

Guys, the key is you’ve got to find the right fragrance for you. So, last question I’m going to end this with is, how often to wear a fragrance, when to wear a fragrance? I think you should wear a fragrance every single day, and why? Because you want to get used to it, you want to understand it, you want it to become a habit and always be stylish. If fragrance didn’t matter, you wouldn’t deodorant, right? You wouldn’t care if you smell bad. We have to think this is a negative way, actually try to use it in a positive way.

Actually, have a fragrance that is about who you are and really is something that becomes part of your style.That’s it guys.

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