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6 Things you didn’t know about the Fashion industry

Today we’re looking at 6 things you didn’t know about the fashion industry. On our blog we often talk about famous clothing or shoe brands or designers. But what about digging into the whole industry for today. The fashion industry, not as we know it today has been around for a long time. Since the beginning of mankind clothing had a lot of different purposes from covering naked bodies and keeping them warm, to making a statement and expressing oneself.

Nowadays fashion has become such an important element in our daily life that we’re constantly seeing ads and sales trying to convince us to buy more and more even though we don’t need it half of the time. Social media is also another thing that adds to this fast fashion trend that retailers like Zara ASOS and H&M make use of. The fashion industry however is quite controversial and has been involved in so many scandals that people can’t keep up. Marketing seems to be the other side of things and in spite of media’s efforts to expose them capitalism might win this battle.

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With all that out of the way let’s see what the fashion industry has for us with these 6 things you didn’t know about the fashion industry.

1. Fast fashion brings new trends every week

Most fashion brands like ASOS Zara H&M or Topshop are the primary trendsetters in matters of street style. Most people shop there because the clothes are practical and you can find them all over the place. With affordable prices and constant sales they manage to get your cash in a heartbeat over and over again. These brands change their collections almost weekly constantly bringing up new designs and clothes for people to buy every time they come into the store. This strategy is commonly known as “Fast Fashion” and it’s destroying our planet with cheap bad quality clothing made in developing countries at a very low cost and then sold to customers for a lot more. Keep this in mind the next time you give them your money.

2. More and more influencers are starting their own fashion companies

The rise of social media has brought in the spotlight a new generation of celebrities bloggers vloggers and influencers. They have millions of followers and everything they advertise on their channels sells out quickly. Some of them can even start political movements and uncover the dirty secrets of the industry or address social issues. On the other hand since they have so much contact with the beauty and fashion world through the products they get and buy so often they happen to have some good insight into what people want from a brand. This way more and more celebrities influencers and bloggers started their own brands or collaborations with brands that are selling like crazy. Just watch Kylie Jenner Rihana or David Beckham, we all want to be like them so we buy the products they advertise in the false hope to get their looks.

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3. Style icons from the Golden Age will never die

Fashion comes and goes all the time one second jeans are in the other they’re not. This constant fashion has made a lot of people aware about style as a whole and the AFFAIR MALADY of trends in particular. Take what best fits you and wear it every day so it represents you. This is what Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn did back in the day and they always look flawless. A lot of celebrities left their mark on the history of fashion due to their unmistakable styles such as Jackie Kennedy’s pink Chanel suit, Marilyn’s white dress and Audrey’s pearl necklace. They’re living proof that good style will never go out of fashion no matter the current trend.

4. Muslim models are starting to appear on the runways

Islamic women have always been surrounded by mystery because they always appear to be covered up by beautiful silky veils. Their culture requires them to do so but what this means is that fashion on the street is scarce because of this Western society often judges and misrepresents them. This year on women’s day at the Milan Fashion Week a few Muslim and Arab descendant models have walked the runways wearing hijabs and looking beautiful alongside famous supermodels like Gigi Hadid or Kaia Gerber. This is a small step for the industry, but they can’t deny that their beauty brings an exotic vibes and a different touch to fashion. Maybe they’ll start a movement and begin dressing up those skinny poor models.

5. Marilyn Monroe dresses are the most expensive items at the moment

Antique pieces like paintings or furniture or belongings of famous people spark one of a kind interest for art collectors and big fans. Owning a pen for a famous writer or a glass of a scientist is a special feeling only a lot of money can buy you. As for fashion people like to buy clothing belonging to celebrities, music instruments or costumes they wore on the set. Out of all of it Marilyn Monroe’s belongings especially her dresses are being sold for millions of dollars. The white dress she wore on the subway scene was sold for 4 million dollars. And the sexy white diamond-encrusted see-through dress in which she sang happy birthday to President Kennedy in 1962 was sold at auction for over 1 million dollars. We bet the buyer feels like a million bucks just looking at them.

6. OOTD hashtag is the most used in fashion

Fashion and social media go hand-in-hand like a married couple. Wherever you look you see bloggers promoting brands product, placement ads and sales. You can’t browse the web without being targeted by some company that wants to sell you something. For the fashionistas and fashion enthusiasts everywhere, there’s a special place where you can find inspiration and be discovered and that places the OOTD hashtag. Under this hashtag you’ll find a curated selection of outfits from people all over the world. OOTD stands for Outfit Of The Day when people use it to show off their day to day outfits while feeling like models on the runway.

The curtains are closed now and the show is over our journey in Fashion Isle has reached its end and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Thank you for spending some time with us.

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